The Perfect Ending

It was a cold, dark night in Munich Germany. I laid in bed at 5:30 in the morning, jaded, drained, pissed off, emotionally exhausted. I’d been in my room since halftime of the Super Bowl, a game the Broncos were losing 22-0. I went to bed because I knew it was over and I wanted […]

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Super Bowl 50 Pick

Where to start. Let’s try this- Peyton Manning gets the opportunity to go down as the best quarterback of all time tomorrow if he and his team beat the Panthers. How’s that for a storyline. Yes, to all the angry Pats fans reading this, it’s a matter of opinion that Manning go down as the […]

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The most glorious of days

It had the potential to be the best of days. It also had the potential to kill me. Two years ago, Chelsea battled Manchester United early in the day before the Broncos and Peyton Manning took on the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. It was a special day. Chelsea blanketed United 3-1 at the […]

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AFC Championship Game Preview

The matchup: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos (+3 1/2)  How they got here: The most important narrative for how they got here is how New England ended up with the two seed after starting out 8-0. The decisive clash obviously came in November when the Broncos beat the Pats 30-24 at Mile High, a game that […]

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NFC Championship Game Preview

The matchup: Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers (-3 1/2)  How they got here: Easily the two best teams in the NFC (maybe even the NFL), the Panthers finished with 15 wins while the Cardinals were second with 13 wins. The reason both teams are here? The two sides are similar in that they both have a healthy […]

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